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Silk Blonde

A pleasant summery beer, our blonde doesn’t have too high a bitterness for the non“beret wearing beard wielding hipster folk”. It is however entirely quaffable and is a perfect compliment to delicate foods like fish or possum.
One Bottle Silk Blonde - 500ml - £2.50
Six Bottles Silk Blonde - 500ml - £12.00

Silk IPA

Brewed in anger by Yorkshiremen. Originally trained as mechanical engineers, we pumped our years’ worth of angst into this flavoursome ale. With hints of grapefruit and floral spice this beer will put hairs on your chest.

One Bottle Silk IPA - 500ml - £3.80
Six Bottles Silk IPA - 500ml - £16.50
Pils Label

Silk Pils

All our beer is brewed using natural spring water, the source of which is located 20meters from the brewery. All the best beers in the world use the local waters to their advantage, Dublins hard water makes excellent Guinness, Timmy Taylors spring water makes fantastic bitter. Our water is softer than an Andrex puppy and makes a uniquely fresh and clean tasting Pilsner.



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